Frolic Architecture

86” x 27” x 2”

photographic collage 


I was once asked to illustrate my reason for using multiples. Here are 200 photographs taken after a snowstorm of cast iron railings in my Brooklyn neighborhood assembled in a random pattern. The title is from the poem, The Snowstorm, by Ralph Waldo Emerson: 


... the mad wind"s night-work, 


The frolic architecture of the snow. 


"The Snowstorm" was probably written after the great snowstorm of December 29, 1834. However, in his journal of November 27, 1832, Emerson wrote: "Instead of lectures on Architecture, I will make a lecture on God"s architecture, one of his beautiful works, a Day. I will draw a sketch of a winters day. I will trace as I can a rude outline of the far­assembled influences, the contribution of the universe wherein this magical structure rises like an exhalation, the wonder and charm of the immeasurable deep."


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