74"H x21"D x 21"D

vintage stocking mannequin display legs, 1920s wedding shoes, fabric, broken glass 


Meret Oppenheim was celebrated by the Surrealists as the "fairy woman whom all men desire." Her Fur-lined Teacup, Saucer, and Spoon (Dejeuner enjourure) has been called the quintessential Surrealist object. 


I’ve represent her fondness for liminal placement (along with her Jewish heritage) by Cinderella’s slippers holding the wedding ceremony’s broken glass and the feet being on tip toe behind them.  The virginal whiteness and hazardous tip toe suggest blood. which would amount to three perfect drops in most fairy tales. However here, instead, a Miss Havisham ghostly raggedness about the whole thing suggests how fairies so often turn into lonely dowagers wasting away while wandering Cocteau hallways in places like Switzerland.


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