The Snowshoe Salesman

The poetry of ice and snow has always captivated me, Emerson’s The Snowstorm, Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, Melies Conquest of the Pole and the myriad variations of “A White Christmas." But within this canon of image and metaphor none is lovelier than Hans Christian Andersen’s  tale, The Snow Queen: "Which describes a looking-glass and the broken fragments. You must attend to the commencement of this story, for when we get to the end we shall know more than we do now about a very wicked hobgoblin; he was one of the worst, for he was a real demon…

The Snowshoe Salesman is made from tiny party favor plastic shoes, glass glitter, a sleigh blanket, antique passementrie, glass beads, an ice cream freezer, “frost” embossed glass tiles and beveled mirrors, a Venetian mirror, 1930s jewelry samples, general store labels and antique products and many many hours of my time. Fairy tales can only come true if you invest enough time.

The Salesman himself stands 4 1/2 ft tall. His boxes and landscape are 10 1/2 ft tall x 14 ft wide x 10 ft deep.

I wrote a story about The Snowshoe Salesman. You can read it here:

The Snowshoe Salesmans Story


Detail from FL show