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This charmer is actually based on the Italian Commedia’s very own psychopath, Pulcinella, the character who evolved (and softened) into its most well known incarnation, Punch. As Punch his madness was mostly reduced to beating folks up… especially The Devil. He was hard on The Devil.
Here he’s dressed in homage to a song by Satie or Debussy or Ravel (I can’t recall which) about a little girl who refuses to eat her cabbage soup. So there you go. His classic little “Punch” body and horn of plenty headpiece are covered in green silk, a hand stitched book-matched pattern of antique Czech glass beads in harvest colors and antique French passementrie. His wooden vitrine was chip carved by hand in the tradition of Tramp Art, a folk art tradition with a fascinating history.

Vitrine 7 ft. tall - Puppet 3 ft. tall.